1.How far in advance should I schedule and do you accept last minute appointments?

Pre-Booking is very much appreciated as I live a very busy life so the more advance notice you provide the more likely you will be able to see me on the desired date and time. It also gives me enough time to properly screen and verify you.For advanced appointments please use the form located on the contact me page.For sameday or next day appointments please call me directly @ 954-822-7871


2.Do you offer MSOG or extra cups?

Yes for appointments that are

1 HR - 2 max

2 HRS or more - MSOG


3.What forms of "donations" do you accept?

I only accept donations of cash in an envelope..Further instructions can be found in the "Rules of Engagement" section of my website.


4 . May I bring anything with me or Can I bring you something?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring your favorite music,massage lotions/oils, toys, whatever you feel may make your session more pleasurable. For a personal gift idea please see #22 Below for helpful hints on items that i may enjoy.


5. Do you take requests? i.e.fetishes or clothing

Absolutely, as long as they are within my comfort zone and as long as i do not find the clothing or fetish offensive (i.e. anything against someone's personal religion or race, animal cruelty or beastiality).

How I dress and what you can expect can be found below. An extra Donation will be added (Please see "Donations")


6. Do you speak Greek?

I'm sorry I have never been to Greece and have no desire to go so please do not ask!!!


7. Do you give other provider's references?

Absolutely!!! I am very reference friendly. I only provide very limited details to your identity (usually just a first name or screenname) and a brief description of our date. If there is anything about our session that you would prefer to be kept privately between us, then contact me before providing me as a reference.


8. What are the guidelines on Tipping?

Tips are never expected but are certainly appreciated and I always REMEMBER generosity. If you really enjoyed yourself $20-$50 and if you feel that you had an amazing and unforgettable experience $50-$100. Once again, GENEROSITY is NEVER EXPECTED but ALWAYS REMEMBERED!!


9. I sent you an E-Mail, but still haven't heard back from you?

I try to check my e-mail at least 3 times a week..As I mentioned before I do live a very busy life and I do answer my own phone and respond to my own e-mails. Due to the high volume of e-mails I recieve it may take me a day or two to respond..if I haven't responded after 3 days..Send me a reminder e-mail or don't hesitate to text or call!



10. Do you travel OR will you come to my city?

I am available to travel to you or with you almost anywhere domestically or internationally for appointments that are at least 12 hours. Travel Expenses and a 25% deposit are required to confirm the appointment.

I also frequent Miami,Ft.Lauderdale,Washington DC,New York and New Jersey so keep an eye out for announcements on location!


11. Do you wear perfume or make-up? What can I expect you to be wearing?

I always dress sexy but classy. I'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

Please know that I will be wearing make-up,perfume and glittery products.This is who I am and what I am comfortable with. I understand the discretion of my clients so if this is going to be a problem please contact me so that I can dress/do make-up accordingly.


12. What is the best way to start our time-together?

Be on time, Be clean and Relax. If you want to take a shower, that option is always available. We can start with a glass of wine, some good conversation or a nice massage. Please do not discuss donations..More about this can be found in the "Rules of Engagement" section.


13. Can I take you to Dinner or to have a Drink first?

How you want to spend our time together is completely up to you..Whether we are sitting upright or lying down The same rates apply, although i do offer specials on different packages..See more about this is the "Donation" section or E-Mail me.


14. Are you REALLY Bi?

Yes I Love women and I do see couples. (Men and Women Only)


15.Why do you insist on checking references,reading reviews or verifying new clients?

Safety and discretion are my utmost priority. References from other providers tell me alot about you as do reading your reviews. In lieu of reviews and references to verify you I will typically ask for your place of employment to verify that you do not work for an agency that is not "provider-friendly".


16. I don't have any provider references..What should I do?

If you do not have any provider references than you can provide me with your name and work number or work directory so that I may call and listen to your voicemail to verify that you are said person. I will also need to see your I.D. upon arrival. But your not comfortable giving me this information?..If you have read my reviews then you should feel 100% confident that you have nothing to be concerned with. My safety is my #1 priority and your pleasure comes next. If you can't trust me then I have no reason to trust you and apparantly I am not the provider for you.


17. What do you do with the information that you gather from me?

I consider your information to be 100% confidential and would never share it with a third-party or another provider unless you asked me to. I keep limited information (usually a nickname or screenname i use to remember you) stored in a file on Flash drive and password protected basically describing who you are, highlights from our date and your likes and dislikes. The reason I keep such a detailed record is for me and my personal use so that I can always keep you 100% satisfied.


18. Can i pay extra for services that are not on your MENU?



19.What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that life happens and you might not be able to keep your appointment. If this happens, please be a gentlemen and notify me as soon as possible and we can reschedule for another date in time. Failure in notifying me and not showing up will forfeit ANY chance in EVER seeing me. The first cancellation is free, however if you do cancel a sesond time, there will be a $100 cancellation fee added to your donation the next time you book a date with me. Why? Because this is how I make my living and most places of business (i.e. doctors,dentists,spas) charge late/cancellation fees to ensure that you value their service and are not wasting their time and booking the times that other clients, who are punctual and value the service they provide.


20. Is there anyone you will not see?

Yes there is. I will not see anyone under the age of 25. I will also not see anyone who considers themself to be "larger" than average..I am a small girl and do not like discomfort so if you feel that you fall into this category than save yourself the time because I will not hesitate to dismiss anyone who I am not comfortable seeing.


21. Do you have any Piercings or Tattoos?

I DO NOT have any Tattoos...However I DO have a small Micro-dermal (Anchor) piercing in my belly.


22. Do you have any Favorites, Wishlist, or suggestions for what I can bring as a gift?





   COLOR: Purple

  FLOWER: Stargazer Lily

   PERFUME: Jimmy Choo Illicit/Guerlain Shalimar/Chanel CoCo Noir

  CANDLE/LOTION SCENT: Vanilla,Cupcake/Birthday Cake,Brazilian Nut Rum,Shea Butter

  WINE: Riesling or Moscato

  CHAMPAGNE: Perrier-Jouët